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The Math Tutoring Center is for anyone! Whether you’re a child that is needing a little help or someone that is needing a lot of help. From children working on 2+2 to grandma that wants to keep her mind sharp, The Math Tutoring Center is for you.

Your first day is always free! Come, check it out and see if the calm, supportive environment of The Math Tutoring Center is for you. If it fits your needs you can buy another day of access, or you can buy a membership that gives you access any time that we’re open. I have designed the rate structure to be as affordable as possible in order to give as many people access to quality tutoring as I can.


Meet David Hufft

I have twenty years’ experience tutoring and teaching math, both one on one, and in a classroom setting. I have experience with learning difference kids from the slower end of the spectrum to the gifted. For every concept in math there are at least 3 or 4 different ways that I can teach it, so if someone doesn’t understand it one way I can always try another. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from LeTourneau University. I graduated in 2006 when the economy was really starting to go down and I never got a job doing Engineering exactly. I’ve done several other things in the time since graduating including teaching high school math and science. All the while continuing with private math tutoring. For the last eight years now I have been working for the company that my dad started in 1978, Top Hat Energy Inc., they do commercial, residential, and off-grid solar electric systems. While I appreciate the job that I have had, it is time for me to get back to my passion. I love teaching math, and I am very good at it! I love to bring people from, “I hate math” to, “I love math”! That is part of the reason that I volunteer my time to tutor math at the mission. There have been several studies done that show a major connection between mathematical ability and success in life. I want to be able to provide that to as many people as possible."

David Hufft


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